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On a tight budget – but need new IT equipment? Then an operating lease from Qube is the perfect solution. Initial costs are low, leaving cash free for other urgent expenditure. And with a compliant operating lease from Qube you can afford the very best equipment – from Apple, of course.

Payments are predictable and pre-set, so budgeting is simple. You always know what you are paying, and when. (You can even arrange for maintenance to be included, subject to conditions.)

If required a new agreement every three years can be arranged so you won’t be stuck with outdated hardware.

What IT Equipment Can Schools Lease From Qube?

Qube can lease iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis and iPads – including, just as an example, all the hardware for an IT suite, and all the equipment staff and students will need to make the best possible use of it.

Available with these lease options

Lease & end

Simply lease your equipment and hand it back at the end of your agreed term

Lease & upgrade

Lease your equipment and upgrade to the latest Apple technology within 2-3 years

Lease & buy

Lease your equipment and purchase at the end of your agreement for just 1% of the original lease value

What is an Operating Lease?

An operating lease is a hire, rather than a credit, arrangement, so the school is paying to use Apple hardware and not to buy it. This makes it the ideal way to acquire IT equipment that needs to be replaced before it becomes obsolete. For state schools, this is also the only type of lease agreement they can enter into without prior approval from the Education Funding Agency and local authority.

This can be a complex and confusing area, so at Qube we ensure that every detail of your agreement is clear – at every stage from the initial payment to disposal of the equipment at the end of the contract, should this be required.

Payment can be arranged to suit your own specific needs. You can, for example, pay monthly, quarterly, termly, or annually, on invoice or by direct debit. You can even have the equipment now and arrange a deferred initial payment, to be made when your new budget becomes available.

Because this is a hire arrangement, you will normally return your Apple equipment at the end of the lease, but – if you wish – we can also arrange for you to upgrade it or have continued indefinite usage, which again complies with the operating lease requirements.

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Why Apple Mac, why Qube?

With an operating lease from Qube there’s no need to settle for second best – you can choose the hardware you really want – and in our experience Apple comes top of the list.

By choosing Apple you can be sure of quality computing with powerful performance, reliability and, above all, security. And because Qube specialise in leasing Apple products, our expert advice will ensure you get precisely the right package for your needs – on precisely the right terms for your institution.

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