Good to know

Qube Adaptive Leasing

Research suggests that the average life cycle of Apple equipment is around 36 months. However, your business is not average, and neither is ours. That’s why we have adaptive leasing.

Everybody likes choices, so why should your lease be any different? Qube like to offer their customers options after just 24 months. Adapt to change by simply opting for an early upgrade to the latest Apple products with no additional fees.

If at the end of the lease you want to keep your Mac without upgrading, you can simply pay a nominal fee to own it.

Qube Care Warranty

All the equipment you’ve selected is covered by a 3 year, fully comprehensive warranty.

Like you, we know there are no guarantees in life so it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan. All warranty claims are carried out by “Authorised Apple Repairers” (same as Apple Care). We even go that extra mile by sending a courier to collect the Mac and return it when it’s fixed. We go further still by offering a brand new replacement if it can’t be repaired.

No false pretences just pure honest business practice.

Qube Insurance

As part of the terms of the lease, you’ll need to have your new Macs insured. To save you time and money we have done the competitive searching for you and we’ve partnered with an industry leading Apple product insurance company.

They offer the following:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft or Loss
  • No limit on claims within the 3 year period
  • Collection & return

Qube Secure Trade-up

What can you do with your old redundant Apple Macs and what about the sensitive data they contain?

Firstly, we happily offer cash back and disposal of your old redundant Macs.

Next, we have a secure facility which can permanently delete data from hard drives.
Complying with the new European GDPR 2018 legislation, we use the industry leading data wiping software, Blancco, which ensures the data is securely and irrecoverably erased. Once completed we will send you certification of proof.

Finally, we’ll send a cheque for the value of the old Macs and dispose of them whilst delivering your new ones. Perfect.