Top 10 business apps for your Apple Mac

Best Apps for business

Choosing ten top business apps? Then everyone will have a different personal favourite, of course. We’ve chosen ten we don’t think you should start the day without. Read on to see why…

Google Chrome

These days you won’t get far into your working day without searching for something on the web. And if you’re not a fan of Safari, Chrome is up there with the best of them. It’s free. it has a huge choice of useful extensions. It’s powerful. And it well and truly does the job. If you’re not a Google fan you could always try Firefox Quantum, of course. It’s come a long way. But of course, the simple fact of setting up a Google account also gives you access to

Google Drive and Google Docs

The rule is two backups, and at least one in the cloud – so it’s quite possible that Google Drive will give you all the space you need for a small business. It’ll let you store all your key documents in the cloud and access them from any device. Great if you’re on the move – and great if you need to share documents with your clients or your team.


‘I’ve stopped using GUI for launching apps or switching between them.’
‘I cannot imagine how to use my Mac without it.’
Just a few reviews of Alfred, an award-winning app which uses hotkeys, text expansion and much more to search your Mac (and the web) and control it using custom actions. Try it for yourself!


Email is a pain. And multiple email accounts – all too common and necessary these days – are a pain multiplied. Airmail is a brilliant app that takes all those different cloud accounts out of your browser and puts them where you need them – on your Mac. Well-featured and a great productivity booster. (Think how much time you can save by having all that stuff in one place…)

Microsoft Office

Groan all you like (and you probably will), Office is still one of the top business apps for most larger workplaces – and these days you pay for it monthly rather than facing a large bill every time you need an upgrade. And if some of your team – or your clients – are working in Windows it won’t hurt to be using the same application on your Macs.


Need to communicate with your team? Brainstorm? Manage a project? Then sooner or later someone’s going to suggest using Slack. If you haven’t already used it you probably know someone who does. And if you’re not a Google fan it’s another way to share your key documents. Definitely one of our top business apps, and with good reason.


If your life runs on to-do lists, then Wunderlist is the app for you. (And yes, Microsoft have acquired it, but it’s still the one you want). And it’ll open on your iPhone, too. (Handy for the shopping list – among many other things…)


Need to edit images? Don’t want – or need – to shell out for Adobe Photoshop? Then Pixelmator is the app for you. It’s doesn’t have Photoshop’s punching power, but it’s entirely possible that you don’t need the bewildering galaxy of tools that Adobe has packed into the program. If this horse suits your particular course, it’s a steal at less than $30. And, unlike Photoshop, it won’t take up huge amounts of real estate on your hard drive. Which also helps to make it fast. Very fast.


Ever been stuck at a live event with a video you can’t play? (It happens – we’ve seen it!) VLC is the app with the answer – which means it’s a whole lot more useful than Quicktime. Don’t be without it.


Do you need music while you work (or at any other time)? Then Spotify is the best alternative to Apple Music. You can download it for free (or pay a small monthly sub when you get tired of the ads) and then build your own playlists from its massive and growing catalogue. It’ll even come up with intelligent suggestions of stuff you might like – once you’ve been using it for a while, of course. Or just let it play you the tracks you’ve chosen most often over the past month or so.

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