Six reasons to lease apple technology from Qube…

Lease Apple For Business

Still not convinced that leasing Apple Mac technology from Qube is the right option? Then here are six reasons to give it (very) serious consideration – and which your accountant or financial advisor is very likely to agree with…

1 You won’t get the same terms from Apple

Apple did – briefly – introduce 0% finance, and then withdrew it in April 2018. The 0% offer currently available from their UK website is provided by Barclays. At the time of writing, it’s only available for a 12-month lease, and there’s a £399 minimum order.

Qube typically offers a 3-year lease . Why? Because that’s how long most of our clients want to keep their Apple technology before they replace it, or go for an upgrade.

Of course that means the monthly payments are (a lot) lower. Which has got to be a lot better for your cashflow.

2 Leasing Apple technology doesn’t tie up your capital

Of course you could pay for your equipment in cash – assuming you have the cash, of course. But if you’re running a business there are plenty of other demands on that cash.

Talking to our clients, we find that a lease gives them more to spend on the things that grow the business. Marketing. Advertising. Admin help – or even new staff. Besides, when you’re laying out cash for your IT equipment you’re always working to a budget – and all too often it really isn’t enough. Spreading the cost makes sense.

3 Want to keep it? You can…

Most of our clients choose to replace or upgrade at the end of their lease – but it’s not compulsory. If you want to keep it, you can. Typically that will cost you about 1% of the total lease value, but this does vary between providers.

4 You can upgrade – before the end of the lease

If you buy your equipment outright, then you’ll have to keep it. Whether you want to or not. (You could try to sell it, but you’re unlikely to find too many takers for a private sale, and it can be a lot of work.) And – of course – you don’t have the option to upgrade after a couple of years.

With a Qube lease that’s exactly what you do have. Meaning that you won’t be left with a rapidly depreciating asset that you will, eventually, have to dispose of, carefully and responsibly. At least, you will if you’re a responsible and law-abiding business – and if you want to be certain you’re not risking a data breach

Qube offer adaptive leasing plans, giving customers the flexibility to upgrade equipment after just two years, unlike other leasing providers who typically stick to 3-4 years.

5 The taxman is paying

It’s true enough that on paper, at least, leasing costs more than outright purchase. But the difference is academic. After all, the taxman is effectively paying the bill. So it really isn’t an argument against taking out the lease in the first place, unless – of course – you don’t pay tax.

And if you’re not paying tax, then cashflow is clearly an issue – and you probably won’t want to make a major capital investment at a time when your business clearly needs support in other areas.
Leasing ensures manageable monthly payments. In fact that’s one of the main attractions.

6 You can afford better equipment

Because you’re not shelling out the full cost of your equipment up front, you can afford to plan ahead. To look at what you are likely to need in two or three years’ time. Rather than simply buying what’s adequate at the moment.

And you can do that safe in the knowledge that you’ll still have funds available to pump back into the business. So you can achieve the growth that you’re aiming for.

And when you hit that target – and the business can afford it – you’ll be ready for your next upgrade. Which we will be delighted to supply.

Like to know more? Qube offer competitive leasing rates and terms and if you’d like to discuss your options, then do give our friendly team a call on 0333 990 8080. Or, if you prefer, just send us an email.

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