Leasing: What are my options?

Buying new and keeping up to date with your business technology can not only be overwhelming but pricey! Did you know that leasing is the most convenient option for businesses when it comes to technology? You don’t need to worry about paying a large lump sum of money in one go, or struggle on your own with I.T. issues. When kitting out your offices with the latest I.T. equipment, there’s a question you should be asking yourself – should you just lease, or lease & buy? We have weighed up the pros and cons for you to help you decide!

Lease Only

This is the cheaper alternative of the two, when it comes to the end of your leasing then you can either hand back whatever technology you have leased, or upgrade to a newer model! Upgrading is ideal for those who like to have the most up to date technology.

Benefits 👍🏼

All of our products are easy to Lease & Rent and starting at just £6.70 per week for latest Apple products! If you think about it, £6.70 a week isn’t anything when you add up the cost of a daily coffee or after work drinks!

Downsides 👎🏼

There is one downfall of choosing a rental only plan – you won’t own the Apple products at the end of your lease. The lease will run for the determined period and does not allow you to upgrade early unlike the Lease & Buy plan where you can upgrade to better technology before your plan ends.


Lease & Buy

To Lease & Buy your technology can initially be a little more expensive, starting at £9.98 per week, however for those couple of extra pounds spent per week you will be able to own your Apple product at the end of the leasing period. When it does come to the end of your lease period you will be able to purchase your equipment for just 1% of the original lease value.

Benefits 👍🏼

The biggest benefit of Lease & Buy is that you will keep the Apple product at the end of your plan, which will mean no more monthly instalments! There will be the opportunity to upgrade your chosen technology every 24 or 36 months as you won’t be tied down to a full agreement like the lease only plan. Allowing you much more freedom with this approach.

Downsides 👎🏼

The only downside to this plan is the additional cost. However, the end result of this additional investment enables you to own the equipment at the end of the agreement.


Why should you choose Qube?

At Qube, not only do we help you to choose the best product and plan for your business, you will also receive a full warranty and support for three years! All of our products are Apple, we choose to work with them because we know their products are the best.

When you lease with us rather than buying outright you stay tax efficient. This is due to each month the Net Lease payment is treated as an expense to your business, which will accumulate through the year and help to reduce your company’s net profit, thus reducing the amount of corporation tax you pay at the end of the year. By leasing you could save yourself up to £1000 a year!

If this sounds something like you are interested in setting up, or would like to know more information, then get in touch! You can either call us on 0333 990 8080 or complete our online enquiry form found here.