How does Apple business leasing work?

how apple business leasing works

If you’re planning to acquire new IT equipment, but you’re not sure how Apple business leasing works, you are not alone. So a few words of explanation may help.

In a nutshell, leasing allows you to pay a planned, regular fee – monthly, quarterly or annually – to have sole use of the equipment you need.

There’s no big capital outlay. The agreement runs for a fixed period. And when you get to the end of that period, you can simply hand back the equipment. (It isn’t hire purchase, so you don’t need to keep it – unless you want to, of course!) In fact it’s rather like a rental agreement, though there are significant differences.

It’s true that you don’t own the equipment – the leaseholder does. But provided you honour the terms of the lease, they can’t take it back until the agreement comes to an end. And no one else can use your Apple equipment without your express permission.

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Choose an Apple business leasing plan that suits you

Need to change the arrangement? That can happen, and there’s usually provision for it in the contract. With Qube Leasing on Apple equipment you have three possible options:

Lease & end: just hand your equipment back at the end of the lease term
Lease & upgrade: lease your equipment and upgrade to the latest Apple technology within 2-3 years
Lease & buy: Lease your equipment and purchase at the end of your agreement for just 1% of the original lease value

So the choice is yours!

Why should you lease rather than buy?

There are many reasons. Some of the most common are:

• it avoids a large capital outlay – and you can pay for equipment out of monthly cashflow rather than depleting reserves
• lease payments are fully tax deductible – so they are more tax efficient than allowances for depreciation
• your accountant may well advise it
• risk is reduced – necessary repairs and replacements can be the leasing company’s responsibility
• in the words of John Paul Getty: ‘If it appreciates, buy it – if it depreciates, lease it’
• leasing will simplify cashflow forecasts and budgeting
• you won’t need to waste time finding a buyer for outdated equipment, or items that are no longer needed

There are many arguments in favour of leasing. And if you’re still not sure whether you should buy, hire or lease, then you can read more by clicking the link below:

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So what’s in it for Qube Leasing?

It it’s such a good deal for you, how does Qube benefit?

There’s an ever-growing demand for Apple IT equipment, and many companies want to avoid the need for major capital investment. That means the need for services like ours is growing all the time. And as long as we can make a sensible profit on the apple business leasing arrangement – and we can – we’re delighted to help meet that demand.

Of course, like any other business we can only keep going by keeping our customers happy, and charging sensible rates. Clearly that’s in our own best interests, too.

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