A guide to choosing the right Mac for business

Choosing the right Mac for business

Usually (let’s face it) you’re too busy to stop and think about exactly what you’re doing with your computer. Or why some things about it frustrate you. But if something is always a problem, perhaps it’s time to look at what you really need.

That will depend on where, and how, you work. The image you want to present. And – in practical terms – the components you need. The detail you need to see on screen. The apps you use. And the number of apps you normally have open at the same time.

Choosing the right Mac for business when you’re Office-based

You’ll almost certainly want a desktop machine – but your choice will depend on what you’re doing with it. If you mostly run ordinary office applications, the base model iMac will do the job perfectly well. But if you use more demanding programs it’s a different story. Are you a designer? Then you may be a regular user of Adobe software. And you’re likely to have multiple applications open at the same time. You’ll also be handling large files. Are you an architect? Then you may be running equally demanding AutoCAD software. Need to check the detail on big graphics, large plans, or even large spreadsheets? Then screen size becomes important, too.

Which means you’ll have questions that need answering…

Choosing the right Mac for business when you’re On the move

Mostly out of the office? Then it may seem pretty obvious that you need a laptop. But suppose you only travel occasionally? Or work from home, as well? When you’re out of the office do you just need to take notes? Run presentations? And keep in touch between meetings? Then an iPad might be your best option.

But perhaps you need to access large files, or use several Adobe programs at the same time. In that case you might well need a MacBook Pro. And you’ll almost certainly need some advice.

Apple image for business

Concerned with your image?

The equipment you use reflects on your company brand. So it may be very important to take that into account. Using mostly office-based programs? With a little internet use? Then a MacBook Air might be perfectly suitable for the work you do. But does it convey the right image of the work you do, or the company you represent? And does it need to be a MacBook, or would an iPad Pro function just as well – and also create a really professional image to your clients?

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Time for some advice on choosing the right Mac for business?

How to decide on the right Mac for your business…

By now you can probably see that the obvious answer to each of those questions may not be the right one for you. Instead, it’s important to think about where you will use your device and what, precisely, you’ll be doing with it.

Portability: Where do you work? How often are you away from base? And when you are away, what kind of work do you do?

Screen Size: Do you routinely need to look at wide files – big design layouts, for example? How much detail do you need to see? And are you carrying the device most of the time, or only occasionally?

Power: Are you just emailing and writing articles? Or are you running multiple, heavy-duty applications that call for multithreading (which will need a high-spec processor chip)? Think about the power you’ll need to do your work. The last thing you want is a device that runs frustratingly slowly just when you need a quick result.

Storage: How much space do you need? Are you generating big graphics files? Large, multi-layered folders full of data, stored on the local drive? Or are you using a whole range of big applications, all taking up space on the drive – and needing additional space for upgrades?

Image: Do you run (for example) a design company, an agency, or a professional consultancy? Is it important for you to present a particular image to your clients? Then you’ll need to think about the impression your chosen device will create. Does it match your company profile?

More than one device? One device may not be enough – but with the right advice you could have more than one without breaking your budget. You don’t necessarily need a full power of a MacBook Pro when you’re on the move – an iPad might well do the job, with a desktop machine back at base for the heavy lifting.

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…and a few examples

In the meantime, a few examples might be useful. They’ll show you how you can balance the different needs of employees and business owners by ensuring everyone gets the device – or devices – they need. The goal is to keep sensibly within budget while still providing the whole team with the right tools for their job.

Peter Architect Peter – an Architect

Peter really likes the Apple platform, but his old MacBook Pro can’t cope with the larger projects his company is now attracting. It’s clearly time for an upgrade.

He’s looking at an iMac, but still wants to sketch out drawings and ideas when he’s brainstorming in meetings with his clients.

The solution

Peter’s AutoCAD software doesn’t currently require multithreading, so an iMac would suit him well – and the 27″ screen gives him plenty of desktop space for his drawings. The iMac’s 2TB Fusion Drive will give him the speed he needs to run applications efficiently, while still leaving plenty of room for his files. And it won’t break his budget, either.

It won’t, of course, travel – so when he’s out with his clients he’s now looking at an iPad Pro, coupled with an Apple Pencil. It’ll give him a useful tool for sketching out plans and ideas on the fly, using applications like Shapr3D. And the 512GB model will give him plenty of storage. As for speed, the iPad Pro is well equipped for graphics. Its Radeon Pro 580 graphics card has 8GB of VRAM, so it’ll be just as responsive as he needs it to be.

Better yet, Qube can trade in and recycle Peter’s old MacBook Pro – so instead of worrying about disposal, he can look forward to a cheque instead!

iMac 27-inch 5K display: 3.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 2TB Fusion Drive, 8GB RAM, Pro 580 with 8GB

iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 512GB, Wi-Fi + Apple Pencil.

Mark – Sales Manager for a SME Mark Sales Manager

Mark is frustrated with his current laptop. It’s the only computer he has when he’s working in the office, and the screen is annoyingly small. Too small, in fact, to see more than a couple of thecontracts, quotes and documents he’s working on at the same time. Ironically, when it comes to client meetings it’s really more than he needs. Most of the time he only uses it to take notes, or to give short whiteboard presentations. He feels that the screen acts as a barrier between himself and the people he’s talking to. And, he says, he often has to carry it around the town centre. He’s wary about doing that – pretty much all his important data is on it – and it’s heavy, too.

The solution

The answer for Mark may well be to look at two devices rather than one. In the office, an iMac should give him the power and the storage he needs, and the 21.5″ screen is certainly big enough to show all the documents he needs at any one time. As well, of course, as giving him the higher spec he needs to keep multiple documents open.

When he’s visiting clients, Mark can simply carry an iPad with him on the tube. That’s perfect for taking notes and giving presentations. And he can keep in touch with his office, and his customers, using his Salesforce app. He can sync his files across both devices, and work seamlessly between them. And if he’s not connected to wi-fi, the iPad Cellular would be a good option. It will allow him to work remotely, but also give him more capacity if he needs quick access to a large number of files.

For Mark, time is an issue – so he doesn’t want to waste it shopping around for the best prices. Besides, his team often has equipment that needs changing quickly. Leasing means he can get what he wants, precisely when he wants it, without getting involved in major capital expenditure. And when he needs to change it or upgrade it he can simply hand it back. With no worries about end of life disposal – and no delays or interruptions for his busy team.

iMac 21.5-inch 4K display: 3.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 1TB SATA, 8GB RAM, Pro 555 with 2GB
iPad 9.7” 32GB Wi-Fi Space Grey

Debbie Marketing MacBookDebbie – running a Marketing Company

Debbie’s main clients are all fairly local to her, and she likes to keep in close touch with them. So she’ll often have several meetings in the course of her day, driving between clients. During those meetings she’ll need to give the occasional small presentation, and she’ll often catch up with her work before heading off to her next appointment.

In her marketing work Debbie makes frequent use of social media – and LinkedIn in particular. She uses standard office applications to manage her contact database, her emails, her accounts and her internet use. But she also makes regular use of Adobe products for her marketing work, creating simple advertisements for local promotions and for social media. She often needs to do this from wherever she happens to be – and she often needs multiple applications open at the same time.

Image is also important for Debbie. She’s often working at her client’s offices, and needs to look professional. And she needs all her data available on the machine she’s using there. So how can she choose the right mac for business?

The solution

For Debbie we’d recommend a well-equipped 15″ MacBook Pro. It will handle the workload she needs for creating her social media marketing materials without no problems. The screen size is large enough for her needs, and it has the power to deliver her requirements – wherever she happens to be. If, later, she decides she’d like more storage, she can upgrade to the 512GB model – which is particularly easy with Qube Adaptive Leasing. It allows her to upgrade – if she wants to – after just 24 months. It also means she avoids big capital outlays: she can spread the cost so her equipment earns its keep before she makes her monthly payment. And she can claim back most of that payment on her expenses!

MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar 2.2Ghz 6Core (8thGEN) i7 16GB 256GB

Mary – running a Service Centre BusinessMary Service Centre

It’s time for an IT refresh – and Mary has a problem. She knows that row upon row of black computers don’t create a very positive impression when customers come in to check out her operation and meet her staff. She wants a more professional look – and she wants to create a friendlier, more inviting office space for her staff. A place they can be proud of.

With that in mind, she’s planning to replace her current hardware with iMacs. But her capital expenditure budget is tight, and she needs a solution she can afford.

That said, most of her team are using a web-based CRM system and a standard email setup. They share documents across the Google platform. However, she also employs two office-based web designers – and their iMacs need an upgrade, too. Most of the applications they use are web-based, but they do make extensive use of Photoshop.

The solution

For Mary’s team, entry-level iMacs will be excellent all-round office machines, which can easily run most standard applications. They don’t need particularly powerful processors, and their storage needs are very modest – so we’d recommend:

iMac 21.5-inch 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 1TB SATA, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 64

For the two web designers, a mid-range iMac will easily cope with standard apps, but will also have the additional power and graphics they need for their Photoshop design work. They won’t look out of place alongside the other office machines, and the 1TB drive will give them plenty of storage, too. If the 8GB RAM isn’t enough, that can always be upgraded.

iMac 21.5-inch 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 1TB SATA, 8GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 64

Leasing from Qube will avoid the need for a major capital outlay, spreading the cost over three years. Better yet, she’ll also able to trade in her old iMacs – and, possibly, her old black computers as well. That means less hassle for her, and some cash back on her old computers.

And so…

Leasing from Qube offers huge financial advantages – but that’s not all. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you at every stage. To identify your needs and help you choose the right Mac for business. And then deliver your chosen equipment quickly and efficiently – so you can get on with your business.

Like to know more? Need a little more help to choose the right Apple Mac? Then why not give our Apple leasing experts a call on 0333 990 8080.

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