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Welcome to our blog! A hub of tips and guidance created specifically for those that use Apple Mac in the workplace. If you’re an Apple lover and have any tips to share, or would like to be a guest blogger for our site, please get in touch –

Top 10 business apps for your Apple Mac

Best Apps for business

Choosing ten top business apps? Then everyone will have a different personal favourite, of course. We’ve chosen ten we don’t think you should start the day without. Read on to see why… Google Chrome These days you won’t get far into your working day without searching for something on the web. And if you’re not …

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A guide to choosing the right Mac for business

Choosing the right Mac for business

Usually (let’s face it) you’re too busy to stop and think about exactly what you’re doing with your computer. Or why some things about it frustrate you. But if something is always a problem, perhaps it’s time to look at what you really need. That will depend on where, and how, you work. The image …

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The health and productivity benefits of creating an ergonomic office

Standing Desk

Office ergonomics is the science which centres around designing the work environment to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the worker to allow for a comfortable space that maximises productivity and efficiency. With Health and Safety legislation being such a crucial element of today’s work place, ergonomics is often at the bottom of the …

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Mac or PC for business, which is best?

Mac or PC for business?

Mac or PC? For years that’s been the topic of endless argument, with passionate advocates on both sides. But the question that matters is ‘Which will be best for your business?’ And to answer that question, you need to decide what features matter most when it comes to delivering the goods or services that you …

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