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Available with these lease options

Lease & end

Simply lease your equipment and hand it back at the end of your agreed term

Lease & upgrade

Lease your equipment and upgrade to the latest Apple technology within 2-3 years

Lease & buy

Lease your equipment and purchase at the end of your agreement for just 1% of the original lease value

Why lease from Qube?

Apple is well known for innovation and there’s no denying the design of the Mac range is first class. But, being a premium product means the cost to purchase outright isn’t feasible for many businesses, and that’s where QUBE Leasing can help.

If you’re considering Apple Mac for business, whether it be kitting out your office to provide your team with the latest technology and an enjoyable working experience, or simply wanting to create a good impression with clients, you can do so without any upfront expense. Yes, that’s right, you don’t even have to pay a deposit!

Leasing Apple Mac desktops, laptops, and tablets through QUBE, is an easy, affordable way to get the equipment you need and want!

Learn the benefits of IT leasing

Apple Mac leasing is 100% tax deductible

Leasing IT equipment from Qube rather than buying outright is tax efficient, frees up capital for other investment and allows for upgrades to the latest models.

Each month, the whole Net Lease payment can be treated as an expense to your business. These payments accumulate through the year and help to reduce your company’s Net Profit. Therefore reducing the amount of corporation tax you will pay at the end of every year.

Select the tech you are looking for below and see how much you could save by leasing.

Purchase & depreciate
Year 1 - 0% of £0 £0
Year 2 - 0% of £0 £0
Year 3 - 0% of £0 £0
Total allowable expense for tax purposes £0
Lease from Qube
Year 1 - 12 months of £0 £0
Year 2 - 12 months of £0 £0
Year 3 - 12 months of £0 £0
Total allowable expense for tax purposes £0
Leasing could save you: 0 *All prices quoted are Ex VAT and subject to status on application.
Please check with your accountant, our calculator is to be used as a guide only.

Adaptive leasing plans

We know how important it is to your operational processes that you have access to reliable technology and un-waiving support, and we get that cash flow is vital. That’s why we finance a range of Apple products, allowing you to spread the costs over the life of the equipment.

We tailor our Apple Mac business leasing solutions to meet your needs, and we know that being tied in to long term IT leasing agreements can be restrictive, so you’ll be pleased to learn that QUBE help their customers adapt to change by offering an early upgrade after just 24 months, with no additional fees or financial penalties.

Whether you’re a limited company or sole trader, we aim to assist in helping businesses obtain equipment as and when they need it, not when the cost meets budgeting requirements. Our service is also available to schools, colleges and universities where we offer tailored operating lease solutions.

Learn about leasing computers for schools

"If it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates, lease it"
- John Paul Getty

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